Improvement and Research on Assembly Steps of Mixing Machine

Improvement and Research on Assembly Steps of Mixing Machine

The mill is one of the basic equipment for rubber processing, and it is necessary to make the best of its own equipment, whether it is the factory of the production products or the factory of the machine, only to make the best of its own equipment.
On the rubber mill for assembly step design and research, first of all from its structure to start, basically as follows.
1. The basic structure of the mill

The main assembly parts are: body, roller device, foot plate, distance device, safety device, brake device, coupling, speed plate and base components.
2. Step-out design of the mill

2.1 open mill assembly sequence

In accordance with the traditional process, the assembly of the mill is as follows: First assembly base - reducer base - body - reducer - safety device - distance device - retaining plate - universal coupling - motor base - motor - Final assembly of the brake.
2.2 Step-by-step design of open mill assembly

Assembly step by step to improve the company''s engineers with a lot of workshop workers line of wisdom crystallization,
Therefore, this paper mainly to the bearing body components, for example, to study the main components of the assembly step design.
2.2.1 bearing body components

Bearing parts of the main components: shaft, bearings, set from the set, cover, cover and so on.
The assembly process of the bearing body is: Bearing body - Bearing - Fixed sleeve - End cover - Retaining ring - Cover.
How to improve the pace?
Not only can improve the service life of rubber mill, but also save costs?
In fact, this problem is very simple, you only need to purchase our company''s rubber mill, you know we have to improve the equipment spent a lot of energy.

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