Present Situation and Development Prospect of Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

Present Situation and Development Prospect of Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the tire industry, the performance of the tire has been put forward higher and higher requirements, with the continuous emergence of new materials, but also on the vulcanization machine work accuracy put forward higher and higher requirements, Vulcanizer continue to develop innovation, has been inseparable from the continuous efforts of the industry.

1 Rubber vulcanizer domestic status

After 2000, the domestic rubber vulcanizer in terms of quantity, or function, there have been a qualitative leap, which can not be separated from foreign advanced technology with advanced machine support, more importantly, the domestic curing machine production plant constantly groping , Experiment, innovation. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of the rubber products industry.

2 Structural characteristics of domestic rubber vulcanizer

Vulcanization machine specifications a lot, according to the structure can be divided column and frame plate, according to the heating method of heating, gas heating and oil heating, but no matter how classification, rubber vulcanizing machine is basically the same structure

2.1 Rubber vulcanizing machine main structural characteristics

(1) rubber vulcanizing machine open and close the main use of the cylinder-driven way, through the hydraulic system control drive cylinder hydraulic bar reciprocating motion, driven under the hot plate, under the pallet to do the upper and lower movement, that is, open mold movement.
(2) the host left and right rack frame structure, compact structure, good rigidity, to ensure the upper and lower mold concentric coaxial degree and repeat the accuracy and improve the mold life.
(3) vulcanization area using hot plate structure, upper and lower hot plate symmetry, high temperature accuracy, the upper and lower temperature control in the ± 1 ℃, mold heat evenly, high product yield.
(4) electrical control system, you can manually control the conversion.
(5) hydraulic system using hydraulic components, valve block with manifold, with a variety of commutation control valve to meet a variety of curing requirements.

3Development Trend and Suggestion of Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

3.1 Selection of hydraulic system

The stability of the hydraulic system is the key to the vulcanization machine, but also the rubber plant is the most concerned about the problem.China''''s hydraulic system development is slow, so most of the hydraulic parts market is well-known foreign brands, high prices, slow delivery, The development of vulcanizing machine.
Concluding remarks
Rubber vulcanizing machine is China''''s traditional industries, in recent years have been vigorously developed, but with foreign products there is a big gap, in order to catch up with foreign level, we rubber people also need to redouble their efforts.

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