Application of Heat Transfer Oil in Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

Application of Heat Transfer Oil in Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

In order to achieve the rubber products in the curing process of energy saving and efficient, heat conduction oil heating method has been widely used.
In order to let everyone better understand the heat conduction oil heating, in this simple introduction as follows.
Improvement of Heating Plate Structure of Tablet Vulcanizing Machine

(1) In order to make the hot plate rapidly warming and operating temperature uniform (temperature error control at ± 1 ℃)

The large and medium-sized hot plate back to the curved heating oil into a section of parallel structure.
(2) hot plate oil hole according to the thickness of the corresponding increase in hot plate.
(3) In order to improve the quality of the rubber vulcanized product and the thermal effect of the hot plate itself, the hot plate face is set to Ra1.6.
(4) hot plate material with 45 steel, the thickness of the corresponding thickening, which is conducive to maintaining the hot plate geometric accuracy and temperature uniformity.

2 rubber vulcanizing machine heat transfer oil heating cycle system

Can be based on vulcanizing machine and product requirements, select the appropriate mold temperature machine, not repeat them here.

3 heat conduction oil cycle heating to achieve energy saving and efficient heating system

At present, the rubber vulcanizer is widely used in steam heating and electric heating, and the heat source is seriously wasted, so many large-scale equipment has started to use the heat-conducting oil heating system to realize the preheating recovery, so that the system can save energy efficiently, that is, the mold temperature is lower than the working temperature The required return oil flows through the pipe to the mold temperature machine, and the preheated heat transfer oil is heated and heated to be recycled to improve the utilization of heat energy, reduce the cost and save the resources.
The vulcanization process of the rubber vulcanizer is a typical heat transfer process. The hot plate itself is used as the heat transfer unit. The heat transferred from the unit time is proportional to the temperature difference introduced and derived from the hot plate surface. The area is proportional to the thickness of the conductor.
Through the calculation and comparison, in the same specifications of the rubber vulcanizer vulcanized the same specifications of the rubber products, respectively, the use of steam and heat oil heating, the production efficiency is significantly different from the use of thermal oil than steam heating production efficiency increased by about 40%.

4 Conclusion

In summary, the rubber flat vulcanizing machine using heat conduction oil heating, with more significant economic benefits, the advantages of the main performance in the following aspects:
(1) mold temperature machine is simple and reliable and less capital investment, reducing the input cost.
(2) heat utilization and high production efficiency, reducing production costs and improve production efficiency.
(3) the use of thermal oil heating, recyclable, preheat high utilization rate.

Therefore, in large and medium-sized rubber flat vulcanizing machine, we recommend that customers use heat conduction oil heating.

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