Rubber molding, kneading, vulcanization (overview)

1. Plastic plastic blend definition: the role of rubber in the external factors from the elastic material into a plastic material is called plastic refining. 1. The purpose of plastic 1) to make a certain plastic plastic, suitable for mixing and other post-process. 2) make the plasticity of raw rubber uniform, so that the quality of the compound evenly. (1) open mill features: labor intensity, low production efficiency, operating conditions. (1) open mill features: labor intensity, low production efficiency, operating conditions Poor, but it is more flexible and flexible, small investment, apply to more changes in the occasion. (1: 1.15-1.27) Operation method: thin pass plastic refining method, package roll plasticization, climbing shelf method, chemical plasticizer method. Operation time: plasticizing time of not more than 20min, parking time: 4-8 hours. 2) Mixer Features: high production efficiency, easy operation, low labor intensity, relatively uniform plasticity, but the high temperature will make the physical and mechanical properties of the material has declined. Method of operation: Weighing → feeding → plastic refining → row of plastic → inverted → tablet → cooling under the film → storage. Operation time: 10-15min Parking time: 4-6 hours. 4. often plastic rubber refining rubber often need to: NR, hard NBR, hard rubber. Menny is above 90. 2. Mixing the definition of mixing: the various complexing agent added to the rubber to make a mixture of plastic. 1. Mixing mill 1) Pack roll: the raw rubber package in the front roll, with 3-5 minutes there is a short preheating process 2) to eat powder process: the need to join the additives in a certain order to join , To join the attention to the accumulation of plastic volume, less difficult to mix, and more will roll is not easy to mix. Feeding order: raw rubber → active agent, processing aids → sulfur → filling, softening agent, dispersant → processing aids → accelerator 3) refining process: can be better, faster and more uniform mixing. Knife method: a, oblique knife method (eight knife method) b, triangular package c, torsion operation method d, tamping method (knife method) 4) open mill installed capacity calculation formula: V = 0.0065 * D * L where V-volume D is the diameter of the roll (cm) L is the length of the roll (cm) 5) the temperature of the roller: 50-60 degrees 6) mixing time: no specific provisions, see operation The proficiency of the person. 2. Mixer Mixing: 1) a kneading: a good mixing, mixing procedures: raw rubber → small material → reinforcing agent → softener → row of plastic → tablet press plus sulfur, accelerator → Piece → cooling parked. 2) two kneading: divided into two sections of the first paragraph: raw rubber → small material → supplements → softener → row of plastic → tablet → cooling the second paragraph: masterbatch → sulfur, accelerator → tablet → cooling. 3. The quality of the common compound 1) The main reasons for the mixing agent: raw rubber plastic refining is not sufficient; roll from the play; loaded capacity is too large; roll temperature is too high; powder with a mixture of coarse Particles or knot; 2) the proportion is too large or too small or uneven reasons: with the agent weighing are not allowed, mismatch, leakage with, mixing in the wrong, leakage plus. 3) Cream is mainly due to the amount of some mixing agent is too large, more than its room temperature in the rubber caused by the solubility. When the white fill too much will have a white material spray, then called powder. 4) hardness is too high, too low, uneven reasons vulcanizing agent, accelerator, softener, reinforcing agent, raw rubber and other weighing are not allowed, wrong plus, leakage, resulting in uneven kneading uneven hardness The 5) scorch: early vulcanization of the compound. Reason: improper with the auxiliary agent; improper operation of the refining; cooling parked improperly; climate effects and so on.
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