The 8th China (Canton Ruo) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition (ChinaGRTAE) will be held May 15-17

The 8th China (Canton Ruo) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition (ChinaGRTAE) will be held May 15-17, 1717 in Shandong Guangrao International Expo Center. As the country''s largest tire professional exhibition, the preparation of the exhibition, much industry attention. The opening of the exhibition soon, the reporter on the exhibition related to a special interview.

Details of the show

As the important event of the global rubber tire industry, the 8th China (Guangrao International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition), organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Shandong Provincial People''s Government, will be held from May 15 to 17, 2017 Held in Shandong Guangrao International Expo Center. Exhibition held since 2010, to take the government-led, market-oriented mode of operation, is one of the few domestic industry gathered in the professional exhibition.

Range of exhibition
Rubber Tire Show Auto Parts Exhibition Guangrao Rubber Tire Show offers the following exhibits
All kinds of tires and raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment, tire manufacturing technology, wheel products, tire renovation equipment and raw materials, rubber raw materials, auto parts and maintenance equipment
Rich connotation, better play the role of the exhibition platform

As the industry event, this year''s exhibition positioning international famous brand exhibition goal, around the "quality tires, lead the future" theme, strengthen the "national export tire quality and safety demonstration area" publicity, with national exhibition, national demonstration area Authority and influence, and strive to enhance the industry exhibition, technical information exchange, trade cooperation international platform of the new height, and actively guide the tire industry innovation and development, improve quality, build brand, so safe, high quality Chinese tires and Chinese manufacturing world-renowned.

The exhibition area of 43,000 square meters, set up eight exhibition area, exhibitors tire manufacturers, tires upstream and downstream enterprises more than 600, mainly on display a variety of tires, wheels, machinery and equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, car care products, auto parts , Manufacturing technology, renovation equipment, and other eight categories of exhibits. Over the same period will be held in 2017 China (Guangrao) International Wheel Exhibition, 2017 China (Guangrao) International Auto Maintenance Equipment Exhibition and other exhibition activities.

At present, the basic work of the breeze, registration of more than 650 exhibitors. Exhibitors list to see a large number of global tire 75 companies, the world''s top 500 enterprises, the industry''s well-known enterprises, such as Michelin, horse, Goodyear, Japan Kobelco, Alibaba, Qingdao Double Star, Shandong Hengfeng, Guangdong wheel More than 45 well-known enterprises exhibitors. This year, the new well-known enterprises and industry leaders more enterprises in the domestic enterprises in Hangzhou Zhongguo, Shuangqian Group, Shanghai Balan Shi and other well-known enterprises, outside the Finnish Connaught, Thailand Li Sheng and other well-known tire companies and the German ATS, Germany BBS and other well-known wheel enterprises.

At present, the same period during the exhibition meeting activities to 15 games. 2017 China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire Development Conference; the second session of the Dongying Rubber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China International Trade Fair"), the second session of the International Trade Tire Development Conference, Tire and Auto Parts Industry High-end Talent Fair; Tire Industry "three with" certification conference; Belgium Investment Fair; Guangrao City Cultural Tourism image display activities; Tire Exhibition press conference; China Tire Union, Shanghai Spoon College, 5 business activities. Compared with previous years, the number of conference activities, sponsors, covering a substantial increase in the field, the relevant organization leaders will also attend these activities.

Positive innovation, the exhibition is more distinctive

In order to better serve exhibitors, participants of the exhibition, in the exhibition layout, on-site service for a number of reform and innovation.

EV2 is the equipment for the mechanical and electrical equipment, rubber materials, chemical additives exhibition, the exhibition area, the exhibition area, the exhibition area, the exhibition area, The north side of the ring by the dining area to the auto care exhibition area; M2 exhibition for the tires electric business exhibition area. Merchants can be based on intent, directly select the relevant exhibition, more convenient. and constantly expand the outdoor exhibition features, outdoor booths all built special booths to enhance the image of the exhibition, gathered popularity; in the outdoor exhibition area Guangrao City cultural tourism image display area, to promote the development of cultural and tourism tourism development;

Refine the internal services of the stadium, improve the exhibition service water products. Opening of the scene set up a large LCD screen, a number of important events held in the exhibition, to encourage exhibitors here to organize a variety of promotional activities, to avoid the use of large-scale deco and publicity activities in the exhibition hall, and strive to create a good and orderly view Exhibition environment and business atmosphere. In the exhibition hall on the second floor of 2000 square meters of Chinese and Western buffet restaurant, a multi-purpose hall set up 1000 square meters of Chinese restaurant, M3 hall to the dining area, additional cafes, site interviews area, each exhibition hall additional lounge area to meet the multi-level business Demand; through the square 6 × 77m giant billboards, the exhibition hall front export two curtain wall advertising, the central hall large screen display publicity "national export tire quality and safety demonstration area." In order to alleviate the difficulty of parking around the exhibition hall during the exhibition, there are three large parking lots, parking spaces of more than 2,000, and basically meet the parking. The hotel is located on the basis of the hotel. Demand; W1 Museum on the west side of the addition of foreign luggage storage, site service shop to increase luggage storage; in the southwest corner of the exhibition hall additional temporary toilets, to facilitate the exhibition businessmen. According to the demand for exhibition services, this year to increase the number of volunteers, detailed volunteer service projects, the first introduction of Shandong Jiaotong University exhibition professional students volunteer service, and strive to enhance the level of professional services and professional.

The pursuit of excellence, polished China''s first tire brand exhibition

As a national professional exhibition organized by CCPIT and Shandong Provincial People''s Government, the exhibition is based on the advantages of China as a tire country, highlighting the characteristics of Shandong tire industry base, adhering to the direction of specialization, internationalization, branding and informationization, A year a new level, 7 years to achieve from the volume to qualitative change in the leap. 2016 held the seventh exhibition to achieve new growth, exhibition area of more than 42,000 square meters, is the first 3.5 times; domestic and foreign exhibitors 665, 2 times more than the first; foreign exhibitors more than 120, is the first Such as Michelin, Goodyear, Jia Tong, Ma licensing, Nexans, Germany BBS, Alibaba more than 40 world-renowned enterprises exhibitors, Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, Europe and the United States Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United States Pacific Industrial Co., To the professional audience of more than 60,000 people, more than 1,600 overseas professional audience, exhibition aspect degree of 22% or more; trade during the exhibition intention, agreement, the contract amount of 15.9 billion yuan, 269.8% higher than the first.

After seven years of development and development, the overall scale of the exhibition, level and visibility, influence continued to improve for 5 consecutive years by the China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Institute and other authoritative institutions awarded the "Top Ten brand exhibition project", leading domestic similar exhibition, At the German Essen International Tire Exhibition, the world''s second largest tire professional exhibition. In September 2015, ChinaGRTAE successfully passed the International Exhibition Association (UFI) certification, becoming China''s first tire industry, Shandong Province, the first certified exhibition, marking the exhibition officially among the ranks of the top international exhibition. UFI membership for the Guangrao International Tire Show into a new driving force for development, and international organizations, the relevant national trade associations, well-known cooperation between enterprises continue to expand, the internationally renowned brand exhibition vision is getting closer.

Looking to the future, build the global tire capital

The exhibition organized to play the tire industry agglomeration effect, speed up the Shandong and China rubber tire industry internationalization process, broaden the Chinese tire products to the world path, set up a large stage of international exchanges and cooperation. The exhibition also promoted the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry and the development of foreign trade. During the past seven years, the total tire production capacity and the tire product export volume continued to grow. In 2016, Guangrao County radial tire production reached 152 million, accounting for 1/4; tire industry to achieve total output value of 119.93 billion yuan, tire exports totaled 14.24 billion yuan, accounting for similar exports in Shandong Province 1 /

"Made in China 2025" since the implementation of China''s tire industry is ushering in the intelligent, automated, information of the new opportunities. Shandong Province actively through the intelligent manufacturing, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry. Speaking of the future development, the exhibition organizing committee director, Guangrao County magistrate Song Xuehua said that Guangrao will be in accordance with the new industrialization strategy development goals, the use of innovative technology, information technology to promote the tire industry economic transformation and upgrading. The next step, continue to vigorously support the development of the exhibition trade platform, relying on national tires and rubber products supervision and inspection center, the national tire test field, the country''s largest rubber tire trading logistics center, tires online trading platform support, County construction became the internationally renowned "tire capital"

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