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Rubber Profile Extruding Machine, Rubber Extruder

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Rubber Extruder machine 

Rubber extruder is a kind of basic equipment in rubber industry. It is one of the key equipments that affect the quality of products and plays a very important role in the production of tires and rubber products. The development of rubber extruder has experienced the stages of plunger type extruder, screw type hot feed extruder, common cold feed extruder, main and auxiliary thread cold feed extruder, cold feed exhaust extruder, pin cold feed extruder, compound extruder and so on.

 Hot Feed Extruders" are ideally suited for production of Rubber Chords, Rubber Strips, Rubber Profiles, Rubber Tubing, Rubber Channels, Rubber Treads and are Specially designed for meeting the need for efficient and quality extrusions.

R.M Engineering Works based in Qingdao,China, offers a vast range of Hot Feed Rubber Extruders in size 40, 56, 63, 75, 100, 110 & 150 mm or different applications, such as Tread, Tubes, Profiles, Hoses, Sheeting with Roller die head, Cable coating, Dock Fenders, Straining of Raw materials, Press blanks, pre-warming for Calendar feeding, Inner tubes for Bicycle, cars and Trucks. 

Manufacturers of Hot Feed Rubber Extruder Qingdao China
L/D Ratios : 4:1/ 6:1/8:1
MATARIAL FEED : Tangential under cut Hopper & Feed Roll Device.
DRIVES : Constant Speed or variable speed. 
HEADS : STRAIGHT HEADS for Tube, Profile, Rods etc.
CROSS HEAD for second coating of pre-extruded section like Hoses, Profile etc.
STRAINER HEADS for filtering the compounds.
TREAD HEADS for Treads & Camel - back.
CO-EX HEADS for extruding multiple components in one go.

R.M200 MM Hot Feed Rubber Extruder

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Standard offers are with manual temperature control with valve opening/closing, whereas as in case of accurate temperature control requirement high pressure close loop thermo-fluid circuits with Electrical Heaters & pumps can be offered to control the temperature in ±1oC 

ACCESSORIES: (OPTIONAL) Talcum unit, Post Extrusion Conveyors, Roller Die Head Units, Spray Coolers, Strip Winders, Blank storing Circular trays can be offered at extra cost.
FEATURES of Hot feed rubber extruder:

  • Equipped With Hardened Feed Roller For Accurate & Consistent Feeding of Rubber Strips inside the extruder.
  • This Helps in Maintaining consistent Extrusion Pressure Resuting in High Quality Extrusions.
  • Equipped With Water Circulations Systems Through Rotary Pressure Joints.
  • Feeding arrangement with spiral undercut and feed roll arrangement provided which ensures a proper bite & strip fed to screw.

We can provide any machine in a specific time to customers based in china as well as any part of the world as we have our manufacturing facility in qingdao which is the commercial capital of china.

A Special type 115 mm hot feed  Rubber extruder with hinged type quick locking Strainer and Tube Die Head

Name   XJ65 XJ90 XJ120 XJ150 XJ200
Screw dia. mm 65 90 120 150 200
L/D ratio   12 12,14 12 16 18
Max. screw speed r/min 6-60 5.5-55 5.5~55 4.5~45 4.5~45
Screw dia. mm 79 72 120 145 168
Motor power HP 20 55 100 248 335
Zones of hot water circulating   3 4 4 4 4
Max. total power of hot water circulating heating KW 32 32 48 48 54
Capacity Kg/h It will be decided according to the equipped head.
Overall dimensions
L mm 1500 2205 2530 4100 7150
M mm 800 1350 1510 1600 1950
H mm 1350 1390 1390 1630 2300
About weight t 1.5 4 5.5 6.8 10

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