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Two Roll Rubber Open Mixing Mill, Rubber Compound Machine

Product Description
Production Name: Rubber Open Mill/ Two Roll Mixing Mill For Mastication
Model: XK-710 (Dia.28inch and length 86inch)

The mixing is often done on a two-roll mill (open mill).  A mill consists of two horizontally placed hollow metal cylinders (rolls) rotating towards each other.  The distance/gap between the mill rolls (nip) can be varied, typically between 2 to 20 mm.

Mastication Operation
Set the roll nip opening to 2 mm. Adjust and maintain roll temperature at 70 ± 5 degrees C. Add rubber into the mill nip and band, as a continuous sheet, onto the front roll. Using a hand knife, make two ¾-cuts from each side and allow the rubber to move through the nip quite a few times until a smooth rolling bank is formed on the nip. Now the rubber is sufficiently masticated and thus becomes softer at a reduced viscosity.

Typical Applications:
Automobile,motorcycle and bicycle tires and tubes.
Rubber shoes,soles and heels.
Rubber rafts,P.V.C sheet,artificial leather.
Rubber/EVA sponge soles.
Rubber rain boots and rain wear.
Rubber nipples.sports balls.
Rubber rollers,rice rollers.
Rubber goods for industry.
Rubber goods for automobiles.
V-belt and conveyor belts.
Rubber cushions.
Regenerating rubber.

Construction & Features
1. Stand:steel casting(Ultra Sonically tested)
2. Base:One piece construction of welded steel plate or cast iron provides maxumum stability.
3. Rolls:Chilled cast iron rolls with surface hardness 75±2 HSD
4. Lubrication: Forced feed oil lubrication.
5. Motor:Energy efficiency motors of ...make.
6. Gear Box: Three stage helical gear box of standard make.
7. Safety:Complete safety features for operator and machine.
8. Bushing:The bearing type bushing is constructed of cast steel housing and high strength bearing at inside diamater.
9. Bushing Lurication: Employs automatic circulated lubrication system.

Salient Features
1. Superior Mixing Performance.
2. Low Operating Cost with High Productivity.
3. Compact Construction, maximum Floor Utilization.
4. Latest Technology Update, Meets Current World Standards.
5. Maintenance Free.
6. Reliable and Experienced Service Back Up.
7. Easy to Install & Ready to Run.
8. No continuous Lubrication hence heavy saving on lubrication cost, wear & tear and maintenance.
9. Auto reversing electric Panel.
10. Simple & easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

XK-160 XK-250 XK-360 XK-400 XK-450 XK-550 XK-560 XK-660 XK-710
Roll diameter mm 160 250 360 400 450 550 560-510 660 710
Roll working length

320 620 900 1000 1200 1500 1530 2130 2200
Front roll linear speed r/min 9 16.3 16.7 19.3 21.8 22.5 27.2 28 31.9
Speed ratio of rolls

01: 01.4 01: 01.1 01: 01.3 01: 01.3 01: 01.3 01: 01.2 01: 01.2 01: 01.2 01: 01.5
Max roll space mm 4.5 8 10 10 12 16 15 0.5-15 0.5-15
Compound feeding capacity kg 1-2 10-15 20-25 18-35 50 50-65 50-65 165 190
Motor power kw 5.5 18.5 30 45 55 110 90 240 280
Dimensions(L× W× H)

L mm 1133 2722 4200 4920 5405 6646 6270 7280 8185
W mm 920 1115 1780 1780 1740 2736 2282 3400 3910
H mm 1394 1345 1760 1800 1790 2105 2000 2530 2270
Gross weight T ~2 ~3.2 ~6.5 ~8 ~11.4 ~22 ~22.5 ~49 ~51

 Services Commitment 
1. Our engineers can design target machines for you and send the drawing to confirm.
 2. In the process of production, we will take photos and send to customers for you tracking.
3. Documents such as packing list, commercial invoice, and bill of lading etc. will be sent after the delivery.
4. We could supply free English foundation DWG, installation drawing, user guide, maintenance manual and part drawing.
 5. We supply overseas technical support
 6.Test Machine Before Delivery, you only need to connect the wires to the outside the control cabinet. 
1. Delivery time of the rubber machines? 
 This is specially designed machine according to your specific requirement.
 From engineer designing to production completion, it needs about 25 to 35 days.
2. What does your factory do regarding quality control?
 We pay much more importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of production.
 Every machine will be fully assembled and carefully tested before shipment.
3. What''''s the machine quality guarantee? 
 Quality guarantee time is one year.We choose world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.
4. Are you able to give installation and commissioning overseas? How long time will it take?
 Yes, we can supply overseas service and technical support but customer needs to pay for the cost of the installation.
 Small machine usually takes within 2~3 days.
 Big plant usually takes about 30 days.
5. How can I trust you to deliver the right machine as I ordered? 
We will absolutely deliver a good quality machine as we discussed and confirmed in the order.
 The core of our company culture is innovation,quality,integrity and efficiency. Also we have had many good cooperation with world famous rubber production manufacturers. If you come to our factory, we can show you''''re the user around us.
6. How can we go to your side?  
We are located in Qingdao City, Shandong province, China. The name of airport is Qingdao liuting airport.
We will pick up you at the airport.

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