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Huge Plate Vulcanizing Press

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Huge Plate Vulcanizing Press

1. This huge plate vulcanizing press is designed and manufactured for China Some large oil equipment company. It is used to produce petroleum drilling proof-leakage accessory with the character of large area of single hot plate, large working hydraulic pressure and large daylight, etc. and the total height of the machine is about 196 inch.

2. 1) Qingdao Running Machine Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of various vulcanizing press and press machine. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, and our products have qualified with Sweden SGS Certificate, UKS Certificate and CE Certificate.

2)Huge frame plate vulcanizing press is composed of hot plates, plates, up and down platforms, piston stroke, hydro-cylinder, hydraulic station and electrical control system. Side plates is constituted with welded Q235 steel plates through mechanical ball blast rust removal, spraying zinc rich series paint, shake to remove stress, then transferred into mechanical producing.  

Hot plates are obtained by 35# steel plates after normalizing handling and then adopting double scale rolling. It is equipped with a set of electric control valves to realize the automatic adjusting of steaming temperature. In order to meet the vulcanizing technology requirements, there is a bypass hydrovalve added in front of the general pipe of steaming entrance. According to working demand, hand or electric switch the steaming entrance/water entrance valve and drain/bypass valve.    

Up and down platforms adopts Q235 steel plates. In order to guarantee the make precision, it is applied with automatic cutting baiting, mechanical slicer producing welded groove, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. It all adopts alloy welding wire welding and after welding takes whole enter into stove to go on the hot treatment to remove the welding stress exhaustively.

Hydro-cylinder adopts ZG270-500 and piston stroke adopts hard cold chilled alloy cast iron. and sealing structure applies the combined structure with double sealing ring and one dustproof ring to guarantee longer service.

Electrical control system adopts PLC automatic control to realize automatic closing, opening mould and gas exit equipment. It can also switch into hand control.

3. Before leaving factory, this vulcanizing press needs to pass 24 hours’ pressure test, pressure maintaining to test the bearing of the hydro-cylinder and piston stroke and guarantee no oil leakage and seeping to avoid unnecessary quality problems.

4. We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard vulcanizing machine according to the customers’ definite requirements.

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